Improvisation/Play Tutor

Angie Belcher is a comedy pioneer, whose career has evolved from stand up, acting and performing to award-winning work as a coach and trainer.

For more than fifteen years, Angie has been specialising in the link between comedy, mental health and personal development. Her Comedy On Referral program attracted global coverage when the project was launched, using stand-up comedy workshops to help people in recovery from trauma. Enjoying a diverse client base, she’s delivered programs for national NGOs. Some of her other clients include the BBC, The Prince’s Trust, Capita and WISH, London.

Her show “Mythical Creature” won North East Theatre Guide’s best show at Edinburgh Festival and she gained 3rd Place in What The Frocks’ best UK Comedy Newcomer competition. She also takes a lead role in the Midlands horror flick Crispy’s Curse on Amazon Prime, and her 4-part comedy drama “My Funny Valentine” was featured on Radio 4. In 2022 Bristol Live named Angie Bristol’s 2nd most influential woman for her pioneering work in comedy and health. The Hague awarded her World Comedian of Emancipation 2022.