Ben Worsley

Year of graduation: 2024

Height: 6’0″

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Accents and dialects: Cheshire (Native), General American, Australian, Yorkshire, RP, Scottish-Standard, Cockney

Nationality: British

Native accent: Cheshire

Pronouns: He/Him

Other skills: Dance (Break Dancing, Hip Hop, Locking, House, Contemporary, Ballet, Tricking/Flips, Tap), Stage Combat

Projects while at BSA:

All Too Well, June 2023, Him, Directed by Matt Harris-Freeth

Beautiful Thing, June 2023 ,Set, Directed by Matt Harris-Freeth

Power, June 2023, Brayden, Directed by Matt Harris-Freeth

Lis, Feb 2024, Dennis, Directed by Gabriela Staniszewska

Professional work:

See, November 2023, Guy, Directed by Joey French 

Psychedelic Involvement, April 2021, Craig, Directed by Joshua Morrison, Morrison Productions