Colum Lee Clarke

Year of graduation: 2024

Height: 5’9″

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Accents and dialects: RP, Bristolian (Native), Standard American, Southern American, Irish

Nationality: British

Native accent: Bristolian

Pronouns: He/Him

Singing: Grade 5 Distinction Musical Theatre

Other skills: Skiing, Skating

Productions whilst at BSA:

Posh, February 2022, Chris, directed by Maisie Williams

Light Falls, July 2022, Bernard, directed by Stuart Wood

The Seagull, June 2023, Boris Trigorin, directed by Sasha Tyftey

The Long Goodbye and Other Shorts, October 2023, John, directed by Alison Reid

Family Stories, November 2023, Voijin/Andrija, directed by Nastazja Domaradzka