Divija Melally is a trained contemporary and Indian classical dancer who graduated from Bath Spa University with BA (Hons) Dance. She is dedicated to the arts, and spreading the intricate nuances of dance through performance, teaching and choreography. She has also completed a course in Movement Arts and Mixed Media from Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, India, which focused on ballet, contemporary and martial arts.

Her creative practice revolves around exploring the amalgamation of contemporary and Indian Classical dance. She is interested in creating works that explore social and political themes, and she hopes to help the audience be more aware of the world that they live in through her art. She has recently received the ‘Moving With The Times’ commission from Pegasus Theatre, to create a work on intergenerational trauma from a racial perspective. She has worked as a dancer with Sweetshop Revolution and Trigger. She wants to inform her practice further by conducting workshops for participants of different ages, needs and abilities.