Elliot Owens

Year of graduation: 2023

Height: 5’10

Hair: Brown/blonde

Eyes: Blue

Nationality: British

Accents and dialects: Chester (native) RPl, Standard Scottish, Dublin Irish, Yorkshire, General American, Southern American, Brooklynese, Scouse, General Northern  

Native accent: NA

Pronouns: He/Him

Singing: Baritone

Dance: Salsa, Waltz

Music: Acoustic Guitar (Intermediate) Electric Guitar (Basic)

Languages: French

Other skills: Unarmed combat, Archery

Spotlight Link:

Productions whilst at BSA:

Jim: Not About Nightingales – directed by: Nastazja Domaradska     

Desmond: Youths The Season Mary Manning  – directed by:  Evan Lordan

Professional work: NA