Year of graduation: 2024

Height: 5’7″

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Accents and dialects: London, RP, Standard American, Southern American, New York,

Languages: German (Basic)

Nationality: British

Native accent: London

Pronouns: She/Her

Musical Instruments: Guitar (Basic), Piano (Basic)

Other skills: Stage Combat, Ice Skating,
Roller Blading, Pilates, Yoga

Projects while at BSA:

Erin Brockovich, February 2022, Erin, Directed by Mabel Aitken

Blue Valentine, May 2022, Cindy, Directed by Mabel Aitken

Atypical, November 2022, Julia, Directed by Katy Carmichael

Modern Family, February 2023, Alex Dunphy, Directed by Katy Carmichael

Pride and Prejudice, May 2023, Elizabeth Bennet, Directed by Katy Carmichael

Suits, June 2023, Rachel Zane, Directed by Sophie Mair and Dan Gitsham

Toxic People, November 2023, Megan, Directed by Theo Watkins