Shelena Artman

Year of graduation: 2023

Height: 5’9

Hair: Black, 4b texture

Eyes: Black

Singing: Soprano/ Alto, gospel, pop, worship, beat boxing. 

A key member in her contemporary gospel band.

Languages: Intermediate sign language

Nationality: Black British

Ethnicity: Dominican and Vincentian heritage 

Pronouns: She/Her

Accents and dialects: Bristolian (native), RP, Jamaican Patois, MLE, Standard London,General American, Southern American, Birmingham, Essex, cockney, Australian, Dominican, Brooklyn/ New York 

Dance: A confident and articulate dancer who can learn to embody most styles. Waltz, vernacular dance, partner dance, contemporary, period dance, salsa, street dance and tango. 

Music: Basic Ukulele

Other Skills: Unarmed Combate

Female entrepreneur owning her own hair braiding business of 4 years.

Works with young children and young people at youth centres (DBS CHECKED).

Currently receiving presenting related jobs including presenting events at the Bristol city council.

Content Creator.

Shelena also won the Bristol young hero enterprise award for the work she did to help St.Vincent after the volcano erupted.

Spotlight Link:

Productions whilst at BSA:

Olga: Three Sister, Chekov, directed by: Sasha tyuftey.

Fefu: Fefu and her friends by María Irene, directed by; Nancy Medina.

Professional work:

Lexi: Pickney, directed by: Michael Jenkins, BFI film, 2020.