Year of graduation: 2023

Height: 5’5

Hair: Dark brown, long

Eyes: Brown

Other skills: Netball, Skateboarding

Dance: Street/Commercial dance, Jazz dance: Grades 3,4,5 (merit, merit, distinction), Freestyle, Ability to learn choreography and devise

Nationality: British

Pronouns: She/Her

Accents and dialects: RP (native), General American, General Yorkshire , Bristol, Oxfordshire

Singing: Alto

Spotlight Link:

Productions whilst at BSA:

Natasha: Three Sisters- Cordelia Lynn – directed by: Sasha Tyuftey

Cindy: Fefu and Her friends – Maria irene Fornes – directed by: Nancy Medina

Toots: Youth’s the season? – Mary Manning – directed by: Evan Lourdan